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NYC's Hip Entertainment Hub


9PLUS, the pinnacle of high-end entertainment in New York, is dedicated to creating a world-class entertainment center. Our three top-tier themed private rooms and 17 trendy suites, adorned with state-of-the-art technology, offer an unparalleled luxury entertainment experience.

With cutting-edge design, world-class sound, and panoramic LED screens, 9PLUS sets the trend for peak entertainment, blending a people-centric service approach with extraordinary luxury.

Embark on the Night, Ignite Imagination


The allure extends beyond, as 9PLUS redefines trendiness as an expression of authenticity. Unrestrained and bold, let loose and revel in surprises like themed billiards, a cocktail bar, and double-deck spaces. Turn gatherings into memorable encounters, where the mysteries hidden in each private room await your exploration.

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